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2008: Movies watched, rated.

Rating System:

A+ = Don't Miss It, Life-Changing, Classic
A = Very Solid Recommendation, Very Well Made
B+ = Solid Recommendation
B = Recommended
B- = Alright, still worth a watch
C = Watch at your own risk
D = Avoid
F = Waste of Film, Time and Money

Another note: This includes every film I watched in 2008, included films previously screened, and rated as per that viewing. It also combines film screenings with DVD rentals. However, they are not listed in any order beyond the general grade rating.


The Godfather -- A+
Blade Runner -- A+
There Will Be Blood -- A+
Prince Caspian -- A+
Wall-E -- A+
Control -- A+
Rushmore -- A+
Tron -- A+
Airheads -- A+
The Big Lebowski -- A+
Heavy Metal in Baghdad -- A+
Synechdoce, New York -- A+
Frost/Nixon -- A+
Brand Upon the Brain! -- A+
Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten -- A+

Hellboy: Golden Army -- A
My Kid Could Paint That -- A
Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls -- A
Gran Torino -- A
Iron Man -- A
3:10 to Yuma -- A
Raiders of the Lost Ark -- A
Speed Racer -- A
Man on Wire -- A
Kung Fu Panda -- A
Futurama: Bender's Game -- A
What We Do Is Secret -- A
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade -- A
Tropic Thunder -- A
Ghost Ride the Whip (doc) -- A
Paranoid Park -- A
The Changeling -- A


The Darjeeling Limited -- B+
Wanted -- B+
Forgetting Sarah Marshall -- B+
The Dark Night -- B+
The Counterfitters -- B+
Slumdog Millionaire -- B+
Be Kind, Rewind -- B+
Redacted -- B+
Burn After Reading -- B+
War, Inc -- B+
Taxi to the Dark Side -- B+

The Eldritch Influence: (Lovecraft doc) -- B
American Gangster -- B
Shine a Light -- B
The Hunting Party -- B
CTV Movie: Mayerthorpe -- B
Gone Baby Gone -- B
The Myst -- B
The Beast with a Billion Backs -- B
The Rocker -- B
Street Kings -- B
Leatherheads -- B
Don't Mess with the Zohan -- B
NetherBeast Incorporated -- B

The Love Guru -- B-
I'm Not There -- B-
Pineapple Express -- B-
Once -- B-
The Happening -- B-
Hamlet 2 -- B -
Hancock -- B -

Cloverfield -- C
Chalk -- C
Charlie Bartlett -- C
Dan in Real Life -- C
Southland Tales -- C
Ocean's Thirteen -- C
Lars and the Real Girl -- C

La Vie en Rose -- D
Juno -- D
The Tracy Fragments -- D
Jumper -- D
Untraceable -- D
The Bank Job -- D
Drillbit Taylor -- D
The Hulk -- D

Vantage Point -- F

Classic Christmas Films

Home Alone
Bad Santa
It's a Wonderful Life
Colbert Christmas
Ernest Saves Christmas

Not-so-good Christmas Films

Surviving Christmas
Eight Crazy Nights
National Lamoon's Christmas Vacation


Speed Racer.


Street Kings