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Metric perform on Conan O'Brien

I don't have cable in the house, so I didn't get to check this one out when it aired, but now it's been uploaded to YouTube, so I've put it here for your enjoyment. However, some people found the performance completely underwhelming. Judge for yourself. I thought it was pretty cool that Emily didn't jump around trying to "put on a show" and the band actually sounded good, which rarely happens during TV performances.

Oh, and you can also download it here if you want. Thanks goes to the Metric forum for tipping me off to the download.


Edge Dude said...

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mike said...

There was a certain rigidness to Emily but I thought it was more an on-purpose rigidness than a dear-caught-in-headlights one. The way she enunciated the lyrics was actually sort of sexy. Not too shabby of a performance for a first time US television appearance.