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Love is the Truth by Jack White, paid for by Coke

If you've been paying attention, Jack White has taken up an offer from Coke to write a song about the carbonated drink, and the end result is the simple throw away jingle "Love is the Truth," which while altogether more overtly poppy than most White Stripes material, wouldn't have been too far off the mark of the last album, Get Behind Me Satan. Now supposedly Jack White drinks 7 cans of coke a day, and the whole color scheme thing makes sense here, but the reality is, whatever Coke wanted to accomplish, they did, and now I have a free advertisement for them on my blog.

Here's my best guess at the lyrics:

One thing you'll learn you can betThat love is as good as it gets
And you'll get more if you give it

It's the right thing to do
It's inside of you
So why don't you show it
Love is the truth

The arms of a mother and father
In the eyes of a son and a daughter
It's everywhere

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