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Don't curb your enthusiasm for Curb Your Enthusiam

If you were a big fan of Seinfeld, and you haven't been paying attention to "Curb Your Enthusiasm," then you need to rectify that situation right away by marching down to your DVD rental shop and grabbing season one (start with the documentary) then work your way up to the just released season five.

Seinfeld creator/main writer Larry David stars in "Curb," and carries on the legacy of George Costanza (a character which was originally based on him), by playing "Larry David," a hyper-reality version of his own life, with actors mirroring his real-life family and friends, with his famous friends also making appearances.

I don't even want to tell you jokes, just as to not spoil the show for you in any way... just go for it.

The reason for my current enthusiasm? Season five was just released on DVD, and the show was still as amazing as ever. Even better news? Season six is on it's way, which from the way they ended season five, didn't seem like a possibility. This October, there's even a Curb book coming, so it's a good time to be a fan, to say the least.

And because I need to ground this in music somehow:

MP3 : Frolic - Luciano Michelini

Finally, let's YouTube it up before you go:


Yes, it's Hurley!

Larry names a baby

Krazee Eyez Killah

Finally, holy crap it's Larry David in 1980

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