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Danko Jones: underrated Toronto legend

Face it, you either love or hate Danko Jones. Very rarely does someone have a lukewarm reaction to this hard rocking trio, because Danko's rock and roll motivational speaker attitude can easily polarize. I personally fall on the side of all out loving Danko Jones, and it's truly a shame that he doesn't get more respect in Canada or Toronto, while he's able to find massive success in Europe. One day he's going to leave and never come back. I happened to catch a few Danko Jones clips on YouTube and I thought that as the summer winds down, you got to get some hard rock in before it cools down too much.

Danko just released "Sleep is the Enemy" this year, and here's a couple tracks from that album.

MP3: Baby Hates Me by Danko Jones

MP3: First Date by Danko Jones

And from what I've heard, the Raconteurs have been covering this Danko Jones classic:

MP3: Samuel Sin by Danko Jones

And here's a couple more great MP3s if you can't get enough.

MP3: Cadillac by Danko Jones

MP3: Play the Blues by Danko Jones

MP3: Lovercall by Danko Jones

Now for the YouTube:

White Cadillac


Baby Hates Me

I Love Living In The City

We Sweat Blood Documentary, part one

We Sweat Blood Documentary, part two

MTV Cribs (Parody)

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