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First Person Shooter won't lay down their guns

First Person Shooter are one of the first Toronto bands I've found for a while that sounds truly genuine in what they do... with no concern about how "cool" they sound or what trend is worth chasing... I can imagine that these people are all normal, and have real friends not inside a "music scene." And these days, I find that a really important, grounding quality. In a way, bands like that are more "indie" than these polished "not-polished" acts who are getting by on their friends and mutual "cred contests."

But with that said, First Person Shooter all out rocks... this is a band that will be more comfortable on the Edge than slumming it at Sneaky Dees. If they keep up with it, polish up their sound and beef up their guitars, then I think they'll really have something. Also, it's really refreshing to have some girls join the all-boy club that rock and roll gets like in this city.

MP3: Green Grass of Toronto

MP3: The Age of Hope and Avarice

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