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New Beck mp3 - Elevator Music and Nausea

To tell you the truth, I don't think I'd call this one hip-hop, as Beck Hansen has been calling it lately. Sure, it's got a pretty slick groove, but this is almost way too complex and experimental to just be called "hip hop." It's more along the lines of super freaky nu-Prince kind of stuff. Also, dig the phone tone rocking out a mini solo! And for anyone speculation about if this song about the music played in elevators -- think of it instead as a Beckified response to U2's "Elevation."

But this so-so track begs the question -- is Beck over? Sure Guero was kind of cool and all, but nothing that makes you want to run out and scream to the world Beck's mindboggling greatness. As for the new album, "The Information," which is due out in October, I'm going to reserve judgement.

MP3: Elevator Music

MP3: Nausea

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BONUS: "A Soundtrack" blast from the past: Guero vs. Guerolito

1 comment:

J.D. said...

I guess you'd call it more or less "trip-hop."

As for calling it so-so, I think that's way too kind. Beck's better than this. This song sucks.