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New Mars Volta MP3 - Viscera Eyes

Mars Volta always held such potential, and I don't think they've ever attained it. Obviously they proved that they were the most important members of At the Drive-In, but that hasn't translated into the Led Zeppelin-like levels of popularity they surely deserve. It actually seems like Mars Volta are turning into a jam-band of sorts, which is just plain wrong.

If people can get behind Tool, and their last album made by hippies, "10000 Days," then surely rock radio can embrace Mars Volta's own monster epics.

Sure, while the band released their most radio friendly song "The Widow," for their last album, they also put the song smack in the middle of a 20 minute long drone, followed by a half hour song. Frances the Mute made several improvements over Deloused in the Comatorium, but it seriously derailed this band.

Thank goodness that they found their way back on track with Amputechture, and yes they continue to use their trademark "made up/obscure/foreign/classical" language, it now sounds like the Mars Volta are actually singing about something, and not strung-together out of a thesaurus nonsense.

And yes, it rocks. I'll admit that this band is the reason I'm going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers two nights in a row here in Toronto, just because Mars Volta is opening up and John Frusciante will probably play guitar with them!

Anyways, odds are you are looking for an MP3, so here it is. Enjoy!

MP3: Viscera Eyes

Mars Volta talk about the inspiration for the new album

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