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Possible new Postal Service MP3 - The Importance of Being

Good Weather for Airstrikes
has a pretty good rundown of this brewing controversy. He claims that this new MP3 (or at least his "source" asserts) that this is indeed a Postal Service demo, and features Jimmy Tamberello singing. Apparently the new album, possibly scheduled to be released in early 2007, is going to be divided in thirds, with Jimmy, Ben and Jenny all singing a third.

My take? The song is definately a fake. If so, the Postal Service are "selling out" in a big way (if it's really possible for them to sell out at all at this point). The song is just too straight forward, and at times almost like a Postal Service parody. Just too sugary, not enough heartbreak and salt. Also, no real guitars or live drums that would indicate someone like Ben Gibbard would have left his marks on the track either... sham!

But on the other hand, you never know. So download it anyways... what do you have to lose?

MP3: The Importance of Being

I've uploaded the MP3 so to spread the bandwidth cost around... I'm not taking any credit here for "finding" the track at all. And here's a couple sanctioned tracks to enjoy...

MP3: Such Great Heights

MP3: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Mercurial Sound doesn't know what to make of it

Complacent P endorses the track

Just Pretend is pretty psyched

Mad Mad Media doesn't question it either

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