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ETAOIN SHRDLU plays Song 6 with mp3

(Image via Aperture Enzyme)

I've been meaning to get around to writing about Etaoin Shrdlu, a powerful instrumental rock ensemble, for a while now... and considering I've haven't put up much of anything lately, I figured an MP3 of these guys might make due.

I first saw the band at their debut performance at Wavelength (my first night also DJing at WL), and I was blown away. If you're like me, the only instrumental rock bands you'll actually listen to probably include Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed. So if you're a casual consumer of the instrumental rock sounds, you'll dig this band and their jagged sonic attacks. There's no way you can't love this band if you really, really love instrumental rock, because these guys are close to declaring complete dominance of the entire scene.

The band is composed of members of I can put my arm back on, you can't, Rockets Red Glare. Read the first interview with the band ever here.

So I don't have much more for you except for an MP3 scraped from their Myspace page. Enjoy!

MP3: Song 6 - Etaoin Shrdlu


Hottest Canadian bands in 2006

Matthew from I Heart Music, one of Canada's hardest working bloggers for sure, recently polled a few of his colleagues to come up with a list of Canadian bands who have had an amazing 2006. Around 40 or so responded (including myself) and came up with a pretty hefty list.

Critical favs like Final Fantasy, Destroyer and Sunset Rubdown obviously top the list, of which I can only say I'm really a fan of Owen Pallet. Other high ranking bands, Broken Social Scene, Wolf Parade and Arcade fire, are bands which I would argue didn't really do much in 2006, only riding the hype they created the year before.

Swan Lake? I think it's too early to include them on a list like this.

In retrospect, I would have added a few more entries to my list... Ninja High School, just because, and maybe the wonderful group from B.C., The Paper Cranes.

Anyways, here's my list, which I chose purely because these are groups I've really been into all year long, and I think they deserve your utmost attention.

  1. The Diableros

    Last year somewhere around this time, there was buzz around Toronto's former Jesus and Mary Chain cover band The Diableros, who had self-released their debut album? ep? "You Can't Break The Strings On Our Olympic Hearts." Then in 2006, they played a pile of high-profile gigs, put out an amazing video for "Sugar Laced Soul," signed to
    UK label Wi45 and put out a 7inch of "Working out Words." And did I mention they are awesome? Yeah, Muchmusic is next, for sure.
My Diableros live review with We Are Scientists, My review of their EP

The Diableros on Myspace

MP3: Working Out Words by The Diableros

  1. Shout Out Out Out Out

    Have you heard "Not Saying/Just Saying" by
    Edmonton's Shout Out Out Out Out? If you haven't here's the jist: two drummers, four bass players/synthesizerers. These guys made Edmonton cool, an uneasy feat for sure.
My live review after first seeing Shout Out Out Out Out

Shout Out Out Out on Myspace

MP3: Forever Indebted by Shout Out Out Out Out

  1. Tokyo Police Club

    I love the way Tokyo Police Club can cram seven minutes of song into about one and a half. Their debut EP "A Lesson in Crime" was released on Paper Bag, and they've signed to UK label Memphis Industries, who are about to release a 7 inch of "Nature of the Experiment," release the EP and put out another 7 inch of "Cheer it On" in February. Pitchfork loves these guys, bloggers love these guys, and the live shows are amazing. I only see things on the up and up for this band.
My review of "A Lesson in Crime" (one of my most popular pages).

Tokyo Police Club on Myspace

MP3: Cheer it On by Tokyo Police Club

  1. Gastric Female Reflex

    This year Gastric Female Reflex, Toronto's destructive screaming noisemakers, slimmed down to a duo, tightened up their live performance, put out an awesome vinyl LP of cracked-out atmospherics, went to Europe, dominated, and now have come back to destroy Hogtown. Even if you hate noise, check out this band. Incidentally, Jacob is one of the nicest guys ever, and deserves your interest.
My live review of Gastric Female Reflex

Gastric Female Reflex on Myspace

MP3: Tough Crowd Device by Gastric Female Reflex