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Light shines in the darkness

By the way, I finally did it. Marched down to Lucky 13 at Bathurst and Bloor two Saturdays ago and finally got myself a tattoo. I have no idea why I waited so long... I'm glad I did it, and I can't wait for the next one. Any ideas?

New Years Eve - Welcome to Western Country

I think Steve puts it best.


Liberal Leadership Blogging

Hey Canadians, if you haven't noticed, the Liberal party is trying to pick a new leader and has gathered in Montreal to vote on their top 4, well, 8 choices. Now you may be asking yourself, "Should I care?" And invariably, yes. Simply because every leader of the Liberal party has eventually become Prime Minister.

Anyways, we're all over it at CTV.ca, including the great politics blog we have going, featuring CTV reporter David Akin, Bill Doskoch, columnist Peter Donolo, and our own Phil Hahn, who is blogging from the convention floor. And me.

A few others personal favorites that you should be checking out include; Aaron Wherry's live blog for MacLeans, the engaging Warren Kinsella, The Calgary Grit, and a Tory doing vidblogging from the floor Stephen Taylor. If you have any other blog suggestions, please post them up in the comments!