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The Lazy Wii Guy

This one is for Jared, Dave and Ethan, who still haven't had the pleasure of me coming over and rocking their Wii system. I think I'll be awesome.


One more thing before I go

So I finally have gotten around to listening to that leak of the new LOW album, "Drums and Guns." And yeah, LOW has pretty much been one of those bands that have absolutely grabbed me and never let go. Unfortunately, I think my love has waned a little in the last years... I loved most of "Trust," but the "The Great Destroyer" just seemed too, maybe loud? I don't know, I should have picked that one up on vinyl anyways because there are some great songs there.

Anyways, "Drums and Guns" features some classic live songs they've been doing for a while now, including "Dragonflies," "Hatchet" from the Gospel Retribution Choir project, and "Murderer" which was awesomely featured on an earlier vinyl-only release (probably my favourite LOW album ever).

So the thing is, it looks like this is the album that they've decided to experiment with drum loops.


Drum loops.

Okay, so it's not as bad as it sounds, and I can understand they want to try new things, but wow, it seems like they messed up some potential classics. I have a bad feeling that they are finally going to break up after this tour. The new album comes out on the 20th of March.

Here's a live version of "Murderer" which sounds like the original version.

And this isn't quite the recorded version of "Hatchet" but it's an interesting pop performance by the Choir. Yes, that is Mark Kozelek on the far right!!!


The final episode of LOST

My personal theory? Still purgatory.

From TV Squad:

Several of our favorite actors from Lost were kind enough to do a spoof on their "final episode" for the fans at CES earlier this month. Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Naveen Andrews (Sayid), and Michael Emerson (Ben/Henry Gale) all played out the two big questions that we will be left with at the end: 1) Who will Kate choose?, and 2) What the hell is going on?!? It's actually quite amusing.

The video I've embedded in this post was shot by someone in the audience at CES, so it's from an angle and the auto-focus keeps kicking in. There's one scene where some text pops up on the screen that you cannot read, but I don't think it's that important. The audio quality is good and so is the humor


I can't believe it's the same guy...

Deadwood fans, my mind has been blown. I was watching a little MTV show called "e2" (the rock and roll sister of eTalk) and they were doing interviews with the cast of "Catch and Release," a meh rom-com with Kevin Smith in it, when I saw an interview with Timothy Olyphant, who looks like this in the movie:

I can't believe this smiley, happy dude was the kickass Bullock in Deadwood. Blew my mind. See here for reference.

Here's a great parody of Deadwood, which also makes fun of Larry King. Such a shame its pretty much over!

CSI Miami - Endless Caruso One Liners

Yeah, I'd have to say Miami is probably the third best of the three CSI series (original is still the best -- natch), and one of the things bringing them down is David Caruso's hammy one-liners, combined with his weird hunch/hands on hips thing and dated sunglasses.

But have the one-liners been redeemed? On this YouTube clip, someone put together all the one liners, separated only by Daltry's opening scream. I'll admit I couldn't last the whole clip, but really, a couple minutes will do you just fine.

This is also a good time to point out that in addition to the tribute to "Battlestar Galactica," I've also created a tribute song to "C.S.I."

MP3: "Crime Scene Investigators" by Strike the Set


Overly excited 24 recaps, plus a comic

In my efforts to find out every little thing possible going on in the world, I've found probably two of the most unique fan sites out there. Number one is OMFG 24, a hyper recap done in your classic internets style... which could be said to be a little intense, or perhaps profane for some. You've been warned.

An edited excerpt.

The second '24' site worth a gander is another skewed recap.... "24 in 24 Pages," a cartoon constructed out of screen grabs... one page for every day. Again, not disappointing for any Bauer fans.

Classic Star Wars battle scene remade with hands

Saw this one over at BoingBoing, and I'll admit that it didn't sound very interesting until I watched it all the way through. I haven't seen a Star Wars tribute this complete since "Grocery Store Wars."


Arcade Fire goes to High School round up

Montreal's finest (sorry Dears) are about to release their new album "Neon Bible," and in their first show premiering the new material, the band played in the cafeteria of their guitarist's former high school. Pitchfork had exclusive access, so you can read about it here.

Anyone else still annoyed that both New York and Montreal get five-show runs and Toronto has nothing? Most people would even be willing to see the band in a horrible venue like the Kool Haus, so I wonder what the deal is. I succinctly remember that it was Toronto that gave the band it's buzz well before Pitchfork or anyone else got behind the band. So Arcade Fire, if you are reading this, please please come to the city soon! Give us five days too! Hell, if you are so inclinded, why don't you guys just do fifty days in Sneaky Dees. That's cool with me.

Here's a video of the band playing in the cafeteria. It's their new single "Intervention."


Battlestar Galactica season three blooper reel

Most of the time these blooper reel things are usually lame, with just shots of actors laughing or whatnot, but this behind-the-scenes season three of Battlestar Galactica blooper reel is great. They are in their serious faces and keep busting out the jokes... so classic. Though I wished they used my Battlestar Galactica tribute song instead of "Eye of the Tiger."

h/t to the TV Squad

SNL Youtube highlights -- did you miss Laser Cats?

It seems like everyone is going nuts for that Jake Gyllenhall clips of him in a dress on SNL doing a mock impression of a song from "Dreamgirls." It's a film I haven't seen, and probably won't see, simply because I haven't seen 15 seconds worth of interesting in any of the commercials so far.

And sure, the Shins were on SNL last Saturday, and they were pretty boring as usual. But did you catch LASER CATS 2? It was again another fine sample of how the "Digital Shorts" are the only redeeming quality left of SNL, and seem to somehow be refreshing the rest of the cast. Anyways, this clip is so campy, and looks just like something I would have made in high school with my friends... I just wish they didn't put Lorne Michaels in the sketch... it would have worked fine without him.

Here's "Laser Cats 2"

And for the record Gyllenhaal's opening monologue.

I'm not bothering with the Shins. I don't think anyone would enjoy that.


Stephen Merchant appears in 24 -- year of the cameo?

Alright, so the newest season of 24 is off to a great start, sure you can scoff whenever Jack Bauer says "Dammit" and you can keep on guessing who's going to turn out to be a traitor and whatnot, but it looks like season six is off to a good start... (spoilers ahead)... how amazing was it that Jack ripped the throat out of a terrorist WITH HIS TEETH. Oh man.

But besides that, did anyone else catch Stephen Merchant's cameo? He was one of the masterminds behind the original office (even appeared in a couple of episodes) along with the newest Gervais show, "Extras." (Here's a reference guide from a few days ago). Somebody at CTU handed him a paper and he kind of grinned. Weird.

It looks like RickyGervais.com had the lowdown on the appearance all along.. here's the writing from his website, with a hilarious sounding Gervais spoof.

RICKY Gervais, the U.K. comic who created and starred in the original edition of "The Office," recently filmed a throw-away scene with the cast and producers of "24."

His pal, Stephen Merchant - who co-created "The Office" - took his "24" fanaticism one step further and actually landed a cameo in January's season-six debut. "Ricky was just too recognizable to put in the show," "24" executive producer Jon Cassar told The Post. "But Stephen actually walks up to someone at CTU and hands them a piece of paper." Cassar said he hopes Gervais agrees to let the scene he filmed be included as a DVD extra. In the scene, a group of White House brass meet to discuss an impending terrorist threat. Gervais, dressed like a presidential advisor, keeps whispering under his breath to give the mission to Jack Bauer - and then acts incredulous when someone else says it aloud and takes credit for the idea.
Also, another actor that showed up on 24 to note was actor Scott Winters as the sinister FBI agent, a former OZ actor living out life on the networks... see his brother Dean's sleazy run as the "Beeper King " on 30 Rock for another great performance. But really, a non-childish speaking performance by Scott always freaks me out just a little.

So here's to tomorrow night's episode, which will be Canadian Shaun Majumder's appearance on 24 as a.... wait for it.... evil villainous type character. I know, it looks hilarious to me too.


Live video of Modest Mouse playing 'Dashboard'

You know, I never thought I'd be a big Modest Mouse fan... but seeing them live a couple summers ago really turned me around, and I finally "got" all their old material. I guess because I'm a newcomer I don't have a problem with the gradual mainstreaming of the band, even though I'm equally annoyed like everyone else by the prevalence of "Float On." But besides from the Arcade Fire, their new album with Johnny Marr is probably the biggest musical event I'm looking forward to this year, and if their new single "Dashboard" is any indication, it will be awesome. This live clip isn't exactly synced perfectly, but it will give you a good idea of what I'm talking about.

And for fun, here's the Kidz Bop version of "Float On"

Nirvana vs. Dallas

This isn't a new clip by any means... but if there's anything a Friday needs, it's some Nirvana Youtube, so here's an interesting look at an on-stage fight at a concert... and look at how young Dave Grohl is!


LOST mild spoilers... Post blogger gets a screener

Wow, February 7th just can't come fast enough. Wondering if Jack and Kate and Sawyer will get off the Island? Me too. Well it looks like National Post TV writer Rob MacKenzie received the upcoming episode in a brown paper bag and dropped a few details on his blog. Here's some good stuff, revealed in a pretty cryptic fashion.

  • Juliet has a sister.
  • First word of the episode: “Hello.”
  • Episode’s opening segment is action-packed, as Kate and Sawyer race through the jungle on their escape attempt. The attempt takes a few detours and even involves a hatch, though not a very big one.
  • The two-islands-or-one question is answered definitely.
  • The wonderful character actor Zeljko Ivanek, who was a wicked Serb on Season One of 24, the slimy governor on Oz and a noble prosecutor on Homicide, shows up in this episode.
    How long do you think it will take for this episode to hit the bit-torrent sites? Probably not long, considering that 24 (starting this Sunday!) has already had the first SIX episodes leaked online.

    Still need a LOST fix? Check out the following "Lost Moments" on Youtube... they aired in between shows on ABC, and then hid them behind a American Express only password wall. Anyways, the following clips won't spoil the show, but if you want to be untainted, then don't watch these clips. Number five is the best!

    And for fun, check out this hilarious "alternate" Lost opening credits...

    Spiders on Drugs, a Hinterland Who's Who

    With the opening strains of a lilting flute, many Canadians will be instantly transported to their youth, wasted watching television of course, as the familiar theme song of "Hinterland Who's Who" begins this following segment. (Yeah, I think the Wolf one is my favorite, but the Snowy Owl is also bad ass.)


    Toronto's Rock Central Plaza does "Sexy back" with video!

    Saw this one over at Brooklynvegan... if you haven't heard of Rock Central Plaza, they're a Toronto band that sounds kind of like the Fembots mixed with Mountain Goats and Bonnie Prince Billy. I like how their dark take on Justin Timberlake (seriously though, every top 40 song has an indie-band chomping at the bit to cover it) is combined with the actual video... it gives the clip quite a sinister turn.

    Seriously though, Rock Central Plaza are an amazing band that deserves your full attention, so make sure you pick up a copy of their Pitchfork approved album "Are We Not Horses."

    MP3: My Children Be Joyful by Rock Central Plaza

    MP3: The Things That Bind You by Rock Central Plaza


    Battlestar Galactica tribute mp3, Myspace updated

    Last fall I recorded a bunch of songs inspired by a run of rampant "TV on DVD" marathon sessions... the most epic of which I consider to by my tribute to the show "Battlestar Galactica." From Number Six to Adama, I'm totally, completely hooked. If you haven't watched this show, pick up the DVDs and check it out, you won't be disappointed. Easily the best show on television right now. If you're a fan of the show, I think you'll enjoy this tribute track.

    MP3: "Battlestar Galactica Tribute" by Strike the Set

    Also, I've updated the old Myspace page again, so if you are on there, and you want to be a friend/in my top 8 and what not, send me a message.

    The official Strike the Set website has been updated with all the songs from the "Songs about TV and Rap Music, Vol. 1" album if you are interested in checking that out as well.

    Arcade Fire album preview, and call them

    So I saw this over at Stereogum, thought you should be checking this one out if you're the least big of an Arcade Fire fan. It's a clip like the one's you'd see advertising "greatest country singers with cocaine beards" or something like that in the middle of the afternoon... the biggest revelation for me here is that the new album is going to feature a revamp of "No Cars Go," a song from their first EP which is absolutely epic, I can't wait. Oh yeah, and don't forget to call the Arcade Fire hotline, 866-NEONBIBLE, and press 6 to talk to a member of the band. Seriously.

    What do you think the odds are that the album is named after the 1995 film?


    Why must I cry? (Warning -- possibly intense for some)

    This guy could potentially be the next Wesley Willis. Michael S. from work isn't sure if this guy is amazing or crazy or what... perhaps it truly is "outsider" art, but I don't know. I won't spoil anything here, but this clip is slightly NSFW, and maybe a little too intense/disturbing for others. Otherwise, go for it. It is, after all, strangely compelling and hilarious.


    Toronto celeb sighting: Jon-Rae (minus River)

    Today, in the parking lot behind the KFC and "Da Zone" at Queen and Augusta, I saw drunk-folk preacher's son Jon-Rae (of the band "Jon-Rae and the River) walking two dogs through the wet parking lot, wearing a big red coat and a sweet pair of Nike kicks. One dog was incredibly large and one was incredibly small, and he walked with a purpose, southward.

    If you haven't given his band a listen, do so.

    MP3: "Just One More" by Jon-Rae and the River

    MP3: "Come Back" by Jon-Rae and the River


    Neil Young plus Rick James equals The Mynah Birds

    When Rick James went AWOL in the 60s and came to Toronto, he formed 'The Mynah Birds' with Neil Young, as a part of the vibrant Yorkville scene of the time. They actually signed to Motown, but they were dropped when Motown found out Rick James was a war deserter. He still did alright anyways. So did Neil Young.

    According to this post on Stillepost, two tracks by the Mynah Birds are now being released as part of the "complete singles" collection that Motown has put out. If you're lucky, the links on the message board may still be working.

    The tracks themselves are pretty amazing, and it makes you wonder what kind of careers these guys would have had if they never split up. Maybe instead of "Superfreak" and "Southern Man," they would be the next superstars of R n' B or something.

    That particular messageboard thread also recommends picking up the following books for more reading about Toronto's once-vibrant Yorkville scene; "Before the Goldrush" by Nicholas Jennings and a long lost book called "The Yorkville Diaries. Or you could just take a peek at the Yorkville page at Wikipedia.


    We did it

    New Year's Eve at the Java House, debut performance... everything clicked. Western Country is up and running... thanks again to all who came out. I expect Steve to write something profound about the experience. Keep an eye out for actual demos, myspaces, mp3s and whatnots.