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CSI Miami - Endless Caruso One Liners

Yeah, I'd have to say Miami is probably the third best of the three CSI series (original is still the best -- natch), and one of the things bringing them down is David Caruso's hammy one-liners, combined with his weird hunch/hands on hips thing and dated sunglasses.

But have the one-liners been redeemed? On this YouTube clip, someone put together all the one liners, separated only by Daltry's opening scream. I'll admit I couldn't last the whole clip, but really, a couple minutes will do you just fine.

This is also a good time to point out that in addition to the tribute to "Battlestar Galactica," I've also created a tribute song to "C.S.I."

MP3: "Crime Scene Investigators" by Strike the Set

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Andrew said...

I remember CSI. used to watch in back in '03. good times. good times.