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One more thing before I go

So I finally have gotten around to listening to that leak of the new LOW album, "Drums and Guns." And yeah, LOW has pretty much been one of those bands that have absolutely grabbed me and never let go. Unfortunately, I think my love has waned a little in the last years... I loved most of "Trust," but the "The Great Destroyer" just seemed too, maybe loud? I don't know, I should have picked that one up on vinyl anyways because there are some great songs there.

Anyways, "Drums and Guns" features some classic live songs they've been doing for a while now, including "Dragonflies," "Hatchet" from the Gospel Retribution Choir project, and "Murderer" which was awesomely featured on an earlier vinyl-only release (probably my favourite LOW album ever).

So the thing is, it looks like this is the album that they've decided to experiment with drum loops.


Drum loops.

Okay, so it's not as bad as it sounds, and I can understand they want to try new things, but wow, it seems like they messed up some potential classics. I have a bad feeling that they are finally going to break up after this tour. The new album comes out on the 20th of March.

Here's a live version of "Murderer" which sounds like the original version.

And this isn't quite the recorded version of "Hatchet" but it's an interesting pop performance by the Choir. Yes, that is Mark Kozelek on the far right!!!

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