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More shameless self promotion

So the show went pretty well on Saturday, and for those keeping score at home, that was gig number two for Steve and I. The Departure Lounge at Global Village Backpackers is a strange spot to play, but I liked it, and would love to do a show there again.... we'll just bring our own microphones next time. Steve has a much better rundown of the show here.

Somebody took some cellphone video, so if you've never seen us in action, here's a little illustration.

You're the Only Thing

Tag, You're It

Since U Been Gone

So Wonderful and Irreplaceable


My yearly Juno Awards coverage for CTV

Here I am interviewing Dallas Green from Alexisonfire and City and Colour.

So it's about that time of year again and I'm back on the Juno Awards beat... thankfully CTV is the official broadcaster of the Awards, which means I have an excuse to try my hand at some mainstream music coverage. Despite most bloggers who absolutely hate Canadian pop music with seething rage, I don't mind it so much -- and I like the chance to kind of "rediscover" what the rest of Canada is into outside the local music scene.

With that said, I've got a few recent pieces I've put online that you might want to check out; A profile of Juno Host Nelly Furtado, An interview I did with former Juno host and "Corner Gas" star Brent Butt, A look back at Canadian music in 2006, My report from the Juno nominations at the Mod Club, and a subsequent photo gallery by dotcom co-worker Ken Regular.

The main CTV.ca Juno Awards page can be found here, and we've also launched a Juno blog this year. As you may have noticed, I've been fortunate to ramp up my involvement in coverage this year.

***If you are a Saskatoon blogger/music kind of guy or know people who are, please put them in touch with me -- I'd love to get a better feel for the community out there as I ramp up some more coverage.

As a blogger to blogger note: at the nominations event last week, I ended up introducing myself to Toronto blog diva Caitlin of "and now there is this distance." She's just as genuine and nice in person as she comes across in her writing.

And one final tidbit to wrap up this "corporate blog" post -- CTV.ca has also launched an "Entertainment Blog" -- an e-Blog if you will -- so for some fun, interesting celeb news check it out and link us up.