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More shameless self promotion

So the show went pretty well on Saturday, and for those keeping score at home, that was gig number two for Steve and I. The Departure Lounge at Global Village Backpackers is a strange spot to play, but I liked it, and would love to do a show there again.... we'll just bring our own microphones next time. Steve has a much better rundown of the show here.

Somebody took some cellphone video, so if you've never seen us in action, here's a little illustration.

You're the Only Thing

Tag, You're It

Since U Been Gone

So Wonderful and Irreplaceable


Rich B said...

guitar sounded nice but you're right, those mics sucked. I'm surprised you didn't throw them down at the end of the song.

now that would've been some rock and roll!

Andrew said...

i heard arcade fire are doing a couple shows at massey hall. did you manage to get tickets? i guess not since there would probably be a blog post about it...