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Lost, what happened man?

I'm usually one to give shows a benefit of the doubt, and most of the time it pays off. "Battlestar Galactica" may have had a weak end to the season, but it still delivered the money shots -- no matter how cheesy "All along the watchtower" seemed.

But Lost, what is up? I'll take the "Van" episode as a half-decent filler, but last night was probably the worst way to follow up a massive episode like Locke's. Who cares about Nikki and Paulo? Nobody. And making the whole episode self-referential and filling it with easter eggs? That only goes to show that you realize this was a bad idea all along.

Maybe you were trying to get new viewers with a stand-alone story line? It didn't work. You guys should just try focusing on not hemorrhaging viewers every week.

And judging by the promo ABC released for next weeks episode, I think you guys just don't get it. Nobody is asking for more Jack-Kate love business, especially another "love triangle." (See "starpollo" story line on BSG -- that was a miserable failure).

Here's the promo to judge for yourself.

Anyone out there still watching lost?

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Andrew said...

Agreed. It's going downhill faster than Hugo in a VW bus with no brakes. Last night's episode had absolutely nothing to do with anything. Introducing 2 new characters after nearly 3 seasons, just to kill them off? It sorta seemed like it was a Twilight Zone episode or something. Just a nice little self-contained story that had nothing to do with the show.