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this lamb sells condos

This video is in honour of Andrew, who is leaving his cushy job for the daunting world of Real Estate. It's a song by Toronto's Final Fantasy called "This Lamb Sells Condos" loosely based on Brad Lamb and those billboards that used to pop up all around the city. Here's a performance clip.

Lamb is not a universally loved real estate figure in Toronto, but he's scored his own TV series anyways.

But back to Andrew. I'm sure he's going to be a solid real estate agent, and if I ever manage to pay down my student loans, maybe someday he'll help me find a place.
Not only is he real-estating, he's blogging about it as well as a contributor for Blogto, bringing some much needed real-estate blog posts.


Andrew said...

Cool! I've heard a lot about this song but never heard the actual song due to my lack of indie music cred.

Thanks for the shout out to my blogTO contributions.

Readers of the tdot-dot-blogspot, please read and comment away at your leisure.

Andrew said...

Oh and Tyrone, I'd be happy to help you out with that once the student loans go bye-bye. I presume you'll be looking for an East-Side pad?

Brad said...

Polaris prize sweetness.

Tyrone...remember, no matter what happens, do not ever buy a car.

tyrone said...

Yes, I plan on avoiding the car for as much as possible... we actually pay more for our rent for the luxury of living almost on top of a subway stop. Unfortunately between the wife and I we have thousands and thousands of dollars in debt, so that house out in victoria park won't be ours for a while.

Andrew said...

Tyrone, props for the linkage. unfortunately, the link to my blogTO posts is a dud. try relinking it to blogto.com/author/andrew

Thanks man!