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TV on the Radio at the Koolhaus

I think that cold winter nights are the best times to go see a concert, it makes the warm of being crowded together with bunch of strangers that much more comforting. Last night I made a solo trek down to the Koolhaus (thanks Andy for the lift!) to see the New Yorkers known as TV on the Radio. Normally, I avoid big shows like this one. I think the last time I went to this particular venue was to see Broken Social Scene. Anyways, if you are not familiar with TVOTR, their recorded albums are strange and wonderful; imagine processed drums and beats, synths fattened up with distortion, some guitar and spectacular bluesy vocals. Their lastest "Return to Cookie Mountain" pushes their sonic landscape wider and wider... hit up their Myspace for highlights. Last night however, the band stripped away the extraneous experimental parts and became a full-fledged rock unit with gauzy guitars creating a wall of sound perfect for the cavernous Koolhaus. For a taste of what the show, check out this performance of Young Liars from last year, but it was performed more or less the same way last night.

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March to the Sea said...

i saw and taped them in Providence..full show mp3 on my blog. just wanted to let fans know. I found your blog just doing a blog key word search on TV on the Radio.