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Ricky Gervais goes to Africa

Wait, I thought this was supposed to be a joke!

Clips from Cameron House gig in Toronto

Thanks again to the most awesome Radical Dudez for letting me open for them. We go way back and it's always awesome to see those guys. I ended up playing solo, which was pretty fun. Dave and Jared both came by and you can read their "reviews" of the show here and here. Thanks for coming, guys!!

The sound quality here is a lot better than previous clips posted... due to the quieter nature of a solo gig I suppose.

Here's "We Will Be Alright"

Some "Kensington Market"

Here's my first and last attempt at covering "Sway" by the Rolling Stones

And finally, the first performance of the musical tribute to battlestar galactica.


Jimmy Kimmel p0wns! Gawker

First off -- I enjoy reading Gawker, but "Gawker Stalker" seems pretty pointless. And I also work as a journalist, specifically online, doing entertainment writing and working with our blogs (that's just me clearing the air about where I stand).

To back it up a bit, Jimmy Kimmel filled in for Larry King on CNN and had the editor of Gawker on the show, and talked with her about the "Gawker Stalker Map" that gives updates about where celebs are in New York City. George Clooney has complained publicly that this map is dangerous, and could lead to stalking and violence.

It's fair to say that NYC has had it's share of problems with stalkers and celebrities.

Kimmel basically goes on to accost the Gawker editor, who claims that "people just accept it's not true" but says it's journalism, and points to tabloids for an example.

I'll bite and defend tabloids -- they do report what they consider news, and they provide what their audiences wants. People may think what they report is hearsay and gossip, but legally speaking you hardly ever hear of these papers getting sued by celebs. This is mostly because they do their homework and "lawyer" things to all oblivion. It's not hard news but there's not sitting at their keyboards making things up either.

Besides that, you'd never, NEVER, have an editor of any paper, even tabloids, say that they expect people to not believe it's true.

So watch for yourself Jimmy's interview, and if you're inclined, leave me your opinion.


Stop me if you think you've heard this one before

This could probably be one of the weirdest Smiths covers I've ever heard --- and it's good! It's by a British guy named Mark Ronson.


Slow like Big Hams -- I Love This Note

Instrumental jams in the vein of Godspeed and Explosions. A collaboration between myself, Dave Duncan, Ethan Park and Jared P. Written, arranged and recorded in a Saturday afternoon between coffee and Bailey's. It's just one uninterrupted take -- populated by chatter, laughs and by the end, maybe a few out of tune guitars. Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. This Note is Awesome
3. Interlude 1
4. You Killed It!
5. Interlude 2
6. Chimes


Post Junos 2007 wrap up

Well, that's it. Another year of Canadian music wrapped up and put to bed. Now it's time to move on to the 2006/2007 season, and all the questions that come with it -- will next year's events be a celebration of the Arcade Fire? Who will host? Will Celine Dion comeback with her supposed new album? Let's hope not.

I've been working on CTV.ca's coverage of the Junos for the last few months, and it feels good now that it's all over (I'll give a wrap of all my stories in case you missed anything further down). I think this year has been our best year in terms of coverage too; I think the web site looked awesome with great features like the blog, where even Lainey from laineygossip.com joined us on Sunday night from Saskatoon.

Did I wish I went to Saskatoon to cover the Juno festivities? Of course. Maybe next year.

So let's get down to the show (if you didn't catch it, go to this page, and the "Acuvue Player" has highlights and performances). Nelly was a pretty natural host -- almost with a girl next door kind of quality. I was expecting her to be more of a sexpot host like Pam Anderson last year, but Furtado really had a natural charm and goofiness that was unique.

The best performance? In my opinion -- and I'm being honest, here -- Three Days Grace were easily the highlight of the show. Not k-os and his cries of "propaganda," not Alexisonfire or Billy Talent, who though they rocked hard, didn't do much different, not Tragically Hip who played a "new single" that nobody knew and almost Gregory Charles.

No it was Three Days Grace who did something a little different, and really put on a performance that felt special... the solo acoustic guitar treatment with orchestral accompaniment, then explosions and rock and roll. Am I personally a fan? Not really, but I'll give props that the band didn't treat it like just another performance and made it memorable. I bet these guys will come back for some awards next year.

Alright, here's my round up of interviews/Juno coverage in reverse order (newest to oldest).

Patrick Watson (Juno Performer) interview

Bell Orchestre interview

Shout Out Out Out Out interview

Neverending White Lights interview

Evan's Blue interview

DJ Champion (Juno performer) interview

"Nelly added to list of performers" story

Malajube interview

Gregory Charles (Juno performer) interview

Bob Rock (inducted into Hall of Fame) profile

Jim Cuddy interview

Nelly Furtado profile

Brent Butt (comedian and former Juno host) interview

Juno nomination announcement at the Mod Club story

And that's about it... how about I end this one with some Youtube clips? And holy crap, these are amazing.

Bob Dylan introduces Gordon Lightfoot into Hall of Fame

Kim Mitchell performs "Might as well go for a Soda" at the Junos, 1985. Oh man I need a sweet old OPP hat like that.

Bryan Adams does "Can't Stop this thing we started." I love this song. 1992.

Rush introduced into Hall of Fame. 1994. Part two is here.

That's it! I'm out! Leave comments!