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Fire Hydrant pour out their melodies

Toronto's own Fire Hydrant are growing into their own skin as one of the city's latest grunge powerhouses. Still uncommited to a particular sound, Fire Hydrant explores textures familiar to bands like Radiohead and Pink Floyd. Strumming guitars sound like waves slowly crashing upon a sandy beach as the boyant attitude of the band keeps the music from getting too waterlogged. Vocals surface and echo off shimmering rock faces, the band's moody midnight sky atmosphere undisturbed. But it's not all serious... check out "Robots for Dinner" to ensure that the band still has a sense of humour.

Yeah, I mentioned the new grunge thing before... so here's my take, you'll find that Fire Hydrant fall more on the side of punkless-Nirvana than Pearl Jam riffage, but their similarity to the moodiness of Soundgarden's later tracks emphasize Fire Hydrant's musical relevance to this mid-90s sound.

With time I hope that the band can grow into more mature songwriting, showcasing songs that can better reflect their obvious enthusiasm and creativity. If the drums were stepped up a level or two, this group could inherit a totally bombastic sound.

MP3 - Robots for Dinner

MP3 - Cassie

MP3 - Fractured Minds

MP3 - Riding Bears

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